I often proceed haphazardly, like the objects crammed in here. I take life as it comes,

building a reserve of memories a little at a time. And in the soci- ety of things, a reserve of mem- ories is also a reserve of objects.

It is in the real research, that in the markets, in the attics and in the cellars, in the ac- tual history of use of that ob-

ject, in the signs lef by time, carelessness or too much af- fection, that bearthed the de-

sire to be formed with and in objects: to create with them, and within them, an identity.


Talking about objects helps to understand the social world. Each object has its own unique path of life, a “biography” useful to reveal something of the society in which it is inserted. e ob-

jects and their stories have a social role that deserves to be investigated. e destinies of the objects are end- less, like the stories that they carry around. I nd some humanity in this collection work. What fascinates me most is the diversity, the in nite nu- ances that everything possesses.

It is strange to think that, in our life we surround ourselves with things, we try to ll our houses, we collect.

e goal of this publication is to educate people not to forget the little things, and of how much beauty surrounds us, the things we throw or keep, enclose our lives, our habits, a little ‘ what we like but also what we don’t.

I dedicate this work of collection to all those who don’t stop at appearances, but they go to the bottom, they investigate the existence, the history, the origins. Before and afer are important factors, a used co ee pod is more experienced than a new one, but it no longer contains the essence

and the avor, pod that I have kept for days and that whenever I happened to look,

that I brought back to that co ee tasted on Monday morning, before I went to school, before I took the bus, before I could smell a cigarette out in the garden. Everything makes sense, like a chain that, ring afer ring, aligns itself, re- peats itself, always the same, but always new. A thread, a line that crosses all the pages, the stains of

ink, always smooth and constant.

screen printings cover.

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