April 10th 2018, Tate Britain                                                                                         ☆☆☆☆

This exhibition has been intense, but especially true. It is not easy nowadays to fall in love with a canvas in a frame, this is because we live in a digital age and special effects; but that’s what, yesterday afternoon, struck me most during the visit of Tate: humanity and the ugliness of man itself. It reminded me that without clothes, without too many electronic devices, we are nothing but animals.
Freud and the other artists opened an interlude about being men, animals that walk, no matter what you wear or how you act, because in the walls of a room you will be naked with yourself.

Strong, provocative and quite rational. ‘ All too human ‘ was more like ‘ All too real’.


C.Paul, Family Group, 1984-6

M. Andrews, Melanie and Me Swimming, 1978-9

 L. Freud, Sleeping by the Lion Carpet, 1996 (Details)

 L. Freud, David and Eli, 2003-4

 L. Freud, Two Women, 1992

E. Uglow, Georigia, 1973

 L. Freud, Girl with a White Dog, 1950-1 (Details)

 L. Freud, Girl with a Kitten, 1947


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