I have analyzed what are my vital needs.
I like to think of a cell as a complete and independent element that, however, has conditions of existence that depend on the environment in which it lives and is generated.
A cell needs balances and connections with the environment that surrounds it. It is made up of a central core and a membrane that protects it from external dangers.
The cell contains in itself DNA, which is the heart of human memory.

However, the cell is invisible only to itself, for this reason it needs its other peers. For this reason I see the cell as my personal synthesis, independent but in need of being among people, feeling part of something.

my carachter represents a single-celled organism protected by an impeccable layer of  black skin. It is elastic, colored and able to adapts to the shapes of the surrounding environment.
However, sometimes the black membrane (which also represents my way of dressing) overflows with color, because sometimes it is difficult for me to contain my exuberant side.