I would like to describe the diversity, the complexity of the micro-macro world around us, the details we miss, the time we do not have. Diversity is a complex and absolutely rich thing. My PP will try to store and collect objects, textures, surfaces of everyday life and show their diversity, I think it is not all the same, everything is unique and it needs to be valued. What I would like to accomplish is a book that captures my daily diversity, all that makes things unique around me.

Human Assemblage

Matilde Aubier

Graphic designer, illustrator.
Precious and delicate collages create worlds of images and symbols.
Colors, Shapes and attention for the details can tell a story.

Lucinda Rogers

Lucinda is an illustrator based in London, in this sketches she captured the magic of the city in his colors and shapes. She's a reporter of situation and feelings. I'm impressed for the balance of her works.

David Sparshott

An other illustrator based in uk, He has a traditional approach of drawing, just pencil on paper. Simple, clear but with an elegance capacity of capture moments of common life.


Circle JD

To the East, Bangla-town and Brick Lane – London’s celebrated curry mile – are a riot of smells and colours from the Indian sub-continent. In the West, the looming towers of Liverpool Street and the City represent the world’s most concentrated area of money-making talent, where a number of sophisticated business hotels have sprung up. And right in the middle of it all is Spitalfields market, a citadel of the working classes and home of the cockney music hall tradition. The result is an area where trendy bars sit next to cut-price Bangladeshi restaurants, where artists and fashionistas from Hackney and Shoreditch make their own clothes with fabrics from sari shops, and traditional cockney butchers share space with exclusive delicatessens.

landscape 1


landscape 2




Pink Gucci
“Taking Flight”, A. Thompson
baby on the chair
big fingers
yellow door